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The delays of having to wait for layout changes, and having to pay annual service fees made me think there has to be an easier (and cheaper) way to organize my college recruiting efforts.  Well here it is.  Easy Everyday Recruiting took shape in 2001.

During my time as a college basketball coach for 11 years at 5 different universities & three different sports, I gradually came up with a way to use FileMaker Pro software in a way for our profession to save time and energy to produce the lists that head coaches desired, easier data entry, more personalized correspondence, and find nearly any kind of information at the click of the mouse.

I presently am with U.S. Junior Nationals and BlueStar Basketball as a national evaluator and event coordinator, as well as the girls' high school coach at The High School of St. Thomas More in Champaign, Illinois.  As a college coach I was limited to only being able to find time to do two-three clients a year.  Now possessing some free time I am excited to fully offer this service to college athletic world, and help start to save you time and give you a product that you will surely be pleased with.

If you would like to read more on my credentials feel free to click on my picture.