This allows you to enter data off your returned questionnaire as you read it left to right on the questionnaire by simply tabbing down page for quicker data entry.
Email directly from the database - with a click of the button you can now you will automatically be sent to your default email w/ the prospects email in the To:

Also you can now email groups at one time - once your group is selected a click of an icon and you can now have all the email addresses placed in the To: of your default email

You can now group layouts on to one sheet where you can have "hot buttons" to send you automatically to those layouts.
Organize data entry, payment information, housing/dorm info, personal/emergency - automatically do mass emails, labels, letters to campers, registration lists - quick efficient way that is personalized to your camps needs.
  We all know recruiting is about relationships - I swear by this tool.
Organize your coaches at various levels - AAU, Club, ODP, High School, etc.  Keep contacts, boosters, anyone that you feel is a valuable connection to your program -  keep track of correspondence to them, notes to remember HOW you know them so through the years you have easy access to information and remember how your bond was formed
  Keep efficient lists to take on the road - make mailing labels - personalized to your programs needs

Basic Layout

Contact List


Contact Database $1000

Basic Layout

Payment Layout

Registration Lists I
Registration Lists II


Camp Database - $1500

Group Layouts on to one page I
Group Layouts on to one page II

Data Entry Page


Email Prospects Directly
Email Groups - Mass Emails





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