This allows you to enter data off your returned questionnaire by simply tabbing down page for quicker data entry.
Phone call sheets to make for staff to use and Log allows you to keep track of ongoing contact with recruit/coaches/school/etc through the process.
Personalized Letters, Note cards, Label sheets, Envelopes allow for fast easy mail merges without having to toggle between multiple programs. (can easily copy & paste to bring  Word documents in to database)
Letter Checklist allows you to keep track of all printed material that you send out through the year, and the ability to change the lists from year to year if you so desire.
If you are involved in college recruiting this feature you will wonder how you lived with out it.  Simply check off boxes and pull up all the players that will be attending events & then print off the appropriate lists after sorting to your preference.  This is the actual questionnaire layout that you will send to recruits to return.
Conference Map: Example I
Conference Map: Example II
Conference Map: Example III
Conference Map: Example IV
Conference Map: Example V

Halloween Artwork: Example I
Halloween Artwork: Example II

Where We've Played Map: Example I
Where We've Played Map: Example II


Conference Specific Artwork (Optional)
Database Layout: Example I
Database Layout: Example II
Database Empty Fields: Example I
Database Empty Fields: Example II
Database Extra Info Page
Database Junior College

Data Entry Page

Phone Call Sheets: Example I
Phone Call Sheets: Example II
Phone Log Page

Note Cards
Letter Checklist

Summer Recruiting Schedule Questionnaire: Example I
Summer Recruiting Schedule Questionnaire: Example II
Summer Recruiting Schedule Questionnaire: Example III

List: Example I
List: Example II
List: Example III

Personalized Questionnaire




Layout Examples

Layout Examples
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Help to make mailer for you to send out during the season to recruits.

These are a few of past requests - if have something more specific in mind you can easily talk to EEDR about your ideas.

Another 'fan favorite'!  Now send your recruits questionnaires that have whatever information you have on the player printed on them before you send them out.  Watch your returned questionnaire rate go higher than ever.
Layouts as they appear on your computer can be printed out on two pages.  You decide fields based on your needs or EEDR will make recommendations for you.
* Drop down lists for various fields to insure consistent data entry.
* AAU/Club teams drop down list pulled up by typing in state initials.